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Southern Living Lemon Lime Abelia

Shrub Availability

Below are some of the trees we currently have available.  If there are trees you a looking for that we don’t have listed, just give us a call.  We are continually adding shrubs to our inventory.  


  • Azaleas (Pride of Mobile, GG Gerbing, George Tabor, Formosa)

  • Encore Azaleas (Autumn Embers, Bonfire, Sangria, Coral, Sweetheart, Twist, )

  • Sunshine Ligustrums

  • Pugster Butterfly Bushes

  • Loropetalums

  • Limelight Hydrangeas

  • Little Lime Hydrangeas

  • White Wedding Hydrangeas

  • Let's Dance Arribas Hydrangeas

  • Let's Dance Skyview Hydrangeas

  • Gardenias (Southern Living Fool Proof, Frost Proof, Daisy, Dwarf)

  • Skypencils

  • Burford Hollies

  • Dwarf Yaupon

  • Nandina (Firepower, Southern Living Lemon Lime)

  • Distylium

  • Pittosporum

  • Carissa Hollies

  • Knockout Roses

  • Drift Roses

  • Chaste Tree or Vitex


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