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Trees Available

Below are some of the trees we currently have available.  If there are trees you a looking for that we don’t have listed, just give us a call.  We are continually adding trees to our inventory.  

  • Maples (October Glory, Red Sunset, Autumn Blaze, Brandywine) 

  • Oaks (Overcup, Nuttall, White, Burr, Sawtooth, Dwarf Chinquapin)

  • Bald Cypresses

  • Dogwood 'Cherokee Princess'

  • Crapemyrtles (Red, White, and Purples)

  • Halesia 'Carolina Silver Bell'

  • Sycamore 

  • Riverbirch

  • Green Giant Arborvatae (1, 3, and 7 Gallons)

  • Oakland Hollies

  • Magnolias 'Bracken Brown Beauty

  • Chaste Tree or Vitex

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